Simple chess app

Player vs Player (online)
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This is a simple chess app completely built without any chess libraries. The only libraries used are Bulma for the basic layout and SweetAlert2 for the popups.

Auto save

All moves are instantly saved either in locally or online.

Offline capability

The app can be installed as a progressie web app and is then available offline. The only feature not available offline is the online player vs player mode.


The AI implemented is a rudimentary chess computer. The ai makes use of a simple evaluation function and performs an alpha-beta search in the move-tree. The alpha-beta search is then stopped at a certain depth limit which can be configured while playing against the computer. When the depth limit is reached, the evaluation function will be used to evaluate the node. To gain some speed the moves get sorted before the search visites them. Sorting is done through the evaluation function, such that the search visits the most promising move (according to the evaluation function) first.